Day 2 of the Vendee Globe and Brit Alex Thomson has taking what could be a massive punt to go inshore and get the breeze for longer on the way down the Portugal coast. This could be a race winning move that puts him in the next weather system ahead of his rivals. Or fizzle out into no gains but extra distance sailed.
I feel it is unusual to see such a bold move amongst the leaders who tend to mark each other these days. The advent of AIS and weather models that can be relied on can take a bit of the guessing game out of the race. Especially in the early days when the competitors are close to each other. This has really taken some of the excitement out of the Volvo.

At 09:30 the Brit was travelling more than 2kts faster than the boats to the west and north and will stay in the breeze longer than other competitors. He should have meet the knew building breeze quicker than the others but the forecast switch to a southerly has changed over night to show it coming from the west. That may well see any early gains wiped out but when he gets it he should hold it longer and get more. However, all this is surmised off the excellent Vendee Globe Tracker and I am sure Hugo Boss has some of the best weather routers working very hard at the moment.

Bon Vent Alex.

Vendee Tracker day 2 morning

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