Alex Thomson’s Hugo Boss has slipped into second after a day of sailing on a more close hauled course along the virtual ice wall. With the boats still on port tack and quite close to the wind Boss has been struggling with its broken foil. Armel Le Cléac’h has eked out a 30 mile lead but as the Ice Wall retreats south and the wind clocks round toward the west north west Thomson is holding the deficit at just that distance as the wind starts to build and broaden the point of sail.

These two sailors are turning this into a boat on boat battle; however, the rest of the fleet has dropped behind a serious of weather systems. The nearest sailor is Seb Josse and he is already nearly 500nm off the pace.I expect if the wind moves nough for them to gybe then Thomson’s unbroken foil will then come into play.

Talking of which. There has been quite a few comments wobbling round the internet that Thomson has a spare starboard foil onboard. This was pretty much put to bed today by Alex in an interview with salinganarchy where he states it would be 2 heavy, to cumbersome and too dificult to replace. Believe what you will!!

Vendee Tracker day 22 21UTC

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