Yesterday evening Alex Thomson aboard Hugo Boss set a new reference time to the Equator of 9 days 7 hours and 3 minutes. This is a full 1 day 4 hours faster than the previous time set by Jean Le Cam who is currently racing aboard FINISTÈRE MER VENT. Le Cam in this edition was not one of the favourites and is currently in 9th position still 120 miles north of the equator.

Notice that the time to the equator is referred to as a reference time. Researching it appears there is no record to the equator from the usual start line of Lizard Point.

Talking of records, the current fastest time for the Vendee Globe is 78d 2h 16m 40s by François Gabart on Macif. The current speeds and the forecast for the South Atlantic should put that record under serious pressure. However, long way to go yet.

Enjoy this video of Boss rattling along at quite some speed sent from Hugo Boss in the last 12 hours.