I predicted yesterday that within 24 hours Alex Thomson aboard Hugo Boss would be up to second place in the Vendee Globe. I was wrong but I am glad to report that is because he is one better in in first place.

If the last 24 hours has show us anything is that the Sailor / Boat combination of Alex Thomson and Hugo Boss is incredibly fast. If the sailor and boat hold together then they have to be the team to beat. At the 17:00 report the deficit has been turned into a 19nm lead. Not all of this is actual pure boat speed. Armel Le Cleac’h has been forced to gybe away to the west as he was on a collision course with the Cape Verdes. Boss was on an even closeer to but Alex has slipped inside the western most Isle and whilst he has lost a bit of speed it looks as though he is through.

If he can keep the speed up, and that is a big if after getting tangled up in the islands, then he could really extend his lead and stamp his authority on this race. For now he must extract himself from clutches of the land and get up to the 23kts boat speed of last night. I wont be able to resist a peak at the tracker before bed tonight.

Vendee Tracker day 6 1700UTC

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